NHA College Bound Program

New Haven Academy’s mission is to prepare all of its students to succeed in college and become active citizens able to make informed decisions about their lives  and their communities. In order to do so, we have developed a unique College Bound Program that integrates academic preparation with a four-year program of college and career exploration and guidance.

100% of our 1st 6 graduating classes have been accepted to college.

Our College Bound Program takes a multi-year approach toward preparing students for all aspects of college and career exploration, college applications, matriculation, and retention.   This program includes:


  • Visits to college campuses, including hosting by undergraduate students and visits to classes in session, in the ninth grade;
  • An out of state college exploration trip for all 10th grade students;
  • Small group visits to colleges during junior and senior year, according to identified application interests (through the College Bound Seminar described below).
  • A partnership with Quinnipiac University (Hamden, CT) that allows select 11th and 12th grade students to enroll in  undergraduate courses for advance college credit (for full credit, tuition free);
  • An Early College program with Gateway Community College that ensures credit-bearing college experience for all NHA students and successful preparation for college-level math and writing, as measured by the Accuplacer© Test.


  • 9th grade career exploration activities and job interest panels with members of the community
  • A 10th and 11th grade Job Shadow program in which students can spend a day (up to 3-4 times a year) with a host in the community who works in a field in which the student has interest;
  • 11th grade extended internship, in which each student spends three consecutive weeks, four days each week, at one identified job site, completing a project for his/her internship host;
  • A written ” Life Plan,” presented orally to a panel, required for each senior to graduate.


  • Required test preparation, including PSAT (for 9th – 11th grade students), SAT, and CAPT (Connecticut’s statewide standardized testing program);
  • A formal, required, weekly College Bound Seminar class for all 11th and 12th grade students that further prepares students to hone their college (or career training) choices, develop all elements of their applications (essays, resumes, and FAFSA forms), and to craft specific, individual plans for post-secondary education and training.