New Haven Academy

College, Career, and Citizenship

Think Critically; Be Responsible; Get Involved



Grade Levels: 9 – 12
School Population: approx. 280New_Haven_Academy_In_Construction_0


New Haven Academy provides a rigorous education that prepares all students to succeed in college and become active citizens able to make informed decisions about their lives and their communities.  We are building a racially, ethnically and economically diverse student body, providing individual attention for every student, and guiding students through the difficult transition from middle school to high school.  New Haven Academy graduates will be independent thinkers who ask critical questions and who develop and defend their own ideas in order to achieve this vision, New Haven Academy is a learning community in which all members – staff, students and parents – know each other well.


New Haven Academy was founded in 2003 as a state-approved Interdistrict Magnet School and part of the New Haven Public Schools. We are modeled after The Institute for Collaborative Education (ICE), a New York City School. NHA’s founders, Greg Baldwin and Meredith Gavrin worked at the ICE in its early years, helping to develop its policies and program.

College Bound/Internship
In order to prepare all of our students to succeed in college, we have developed a unique College Bound Program that integrates academic preparation with a four-year program of college and career exploration and guidance.  Courses include a High School Seminar class for all 9th graders and a weekly College Bound Seminar class for all 11th and 12th-grade students.  The College Bound Program also includes a 3-week intensive internship experience for 11th graders in which each student spends four days each week at one identified job site, completing a project for his/her internship host.


College Courses/Electives

Students are expected to take at least 1 college course and at least 2 elective courses by the end of 12th grade. These courses are made possible through the Gateway Community College Early College Partnership and the NHA/Quinnipiac University Dual Enrollment Program.

AP © Classes

Enrollment in an AP course requires that the student take the AP exams.  If a student does not take the AP exam for an AP class, the class credit earned for satisfactory completion of the course will be reflected on the academic transcript as “Honors,” (rather than “AP”).  Additionally, if a student does not take the required exam, she/he will pay to the New Haven Board of Education any and all fees for each exam ordered and paid for by the Board of Education.