Schoolwide Project ’17

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Art of Black Dissent Workshop



Once a year, we stop the regular curriculum to explore a topic of interest as a whole community. In 2013, we looked at the impact of technology on society; in 2014, diversity; and in the fall of 2015, justice.  This year, we’re exploring activism.

ACTIVISM – Friday, March 31, 2017

Morning Sessions

Eight seminars that will occur concurrently:

  • Activism and the Conflict in Syria: How have the White Helmets of Syria helped to save victims of the Syrian Conflict?
  • Activism over the Web: Were Edward Snowden’s actions whistleblowing or treason?
  • Why Do You Live Where You Live?: How have Chicago homeowners fought for justice in the face of housing discrimination?
  • Activism against Gun Violence: What are the many ways people have fought back against gun violence?
  • Defending the Planet: Which efforts to fight for the environment have been most successful, and why?
  • Artists as Activists: How do artists make statements about society?
  • From Taking a Knee to Raising a Fist: How have athletes, past and present, used their positions to comment on social issues of the day?
  • Hunger 101: How can we fight against food insecurity for Connecticut’s families? (This seminar will take place at the Connecticut Food Bank and will also include a service component.)

Afternoon Guest Workshops

With workshops at NHA and in the community, students will choose from ten different, hands-on, horizons-expanding workshops.

Trips to:

Representative DeLauro’s office;

Senator Murphy’s office.


Center for Nonviolent Direct Action;


Junta for Progressive Action;

Future Project;

People’s Arts Collective / Kickback; a trip to the Yale Art Gallery to see photographs of the Civil Rights Movement; and arts workshops on “The Art of Black Dissent” and “Portraits of Protest.”