NHA College Transition Night — please join us!!

Dear NHA Alum,

We are holding our Second Annual Senior “College Transition” Night, with a goal of helping seniors think about all of the challenges they might face when they arrive at college for the first time.  Please join us – your voices are the most valuable part of the evening!

When: Tuesday, March 17th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Where: NHA, 804 State Street

What: Dinner and conversation!

How: Seniors will have dinner with NHA alumni who can tell their stories and answer questions about the various challenges of starting college, including:

•         What surprised you at your college?

•         If you’re a commuter student living at home, how does it change your relationship with your family?

•         What is dorm life like?

•         What was it like to be away from home?

•         What kinds of things did you have to figure out on your own? And more…

At the same time, Seniors’ parents will be invited to hear a panel discussion and have dinner with NHA alumni parents.

Please let us know if you are able to join us.   If you think your parent would like to come speak as an alumni parent, please let us know that too!

We promise a great dinner and a fun night.  We hope you can be there!

All the best,

Meredith Gavrin, Cynthia Ortiz, and Fana Hickinson