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New Haven Academy is having special Intersession courses schedule during the first two weeks of 2015. Students have the opportunity to increase mastery in the following content areas:

MATH (Algebra I and II) POLYNOMIALS AND FACTORINGTeacher:  Ms. UptonStudents: Algebra I students who want enrichment and Algebra 2 students who want the advantage of working ahead of time on upcoming topics!

Description:Gain a greater sense of number theory and how it is used in Algebra.  Topics include prime vs. composite, prime factorization, multiplying polynomials, and factoring polynomials.

Core Assessment in: Math

MATH(Algebra I) BAKER’S CHOICETeacher:  Mrs. MaloneyStudents: Algebra I and II students

Description:  Use a real-world math problem to improve your understanding of graphing equations, graphing inequalities, and linear programming.

Core Assessment in:  Math

MATH(075/095) MATH 075/095Teacher: Mrs. MaloneyStudents: Students who are currently taking Math 075/095 who want to finish first semester work and/or continue to move ahead in their math course.

Description: Continue online course work.

Core Assessment in: Math

MATH BEYOND PAINT-BY-NUMBERSTeacher:  Ms. Close and Ms. WebbStudents: all,

Description: A mathematical and symbolic analysis of modern art.  In this course, students will look at works of art (both in the classroom and on a field trip to the Yale Art Gallery).  All students will analyze a chosen piece of art and create (and analyze) one of their own.

Core Assessment in: Literature OR Math (student choice)

MATH AND HISTORY MATHEMATICAL MONUMENTSTeacher:  Mr. Volpe and Mr. VamvakidesStudents:  all, including those who need to improve “investigation” work in Humanities

Description:  Math and Humanities come together in the ancient monuments.  In this course, students will investigate Stonehenge and Castle de Castillo in order to create primary source documents and mathematical blueprints.

Core Assessment in: History

HISTORY (AND FACING HISTORY) FACING HISTORY: IMMIGRATION SEMINARTeacher:  Meredith Gavrin and Mr. SenderoffStudents: all, including those who transferred to NHA and never took Facing History

Description:  How do the current controversies around immigration in the United States echo controversies of the past? In this course, students will use films and readings to explore the history of Chinese American immigration to the United States, the experiences of more recent immigrants from many places, and current political issues surrounding President Obama’s efforts to change immigration laws.

Core Assessment in: History, Facing History or Civics

HISTORY (PEOPLE AND PLACE) PEOPLE AND PLACE / DESIGN A BUILDINGTeacher: Mr. KazienkoStudents: all, including those who want to extend what they learned in People and Place or need to improve their work in that fall course (students who did not take the fall course can still take this j-term course!).

Description: Social studies and science come together in sustainable architecture.  In this course, students will think about what environmental science can teach us about the best ways to build houses in the future; all students will design a building of their own.

Core Assessment in: History

HISTORY AND SCIENCE THE HAYMARKET BOMBINGTeacher: Mr. Senderoff and Ms. MacMelburnStudents: all

Description: Use forensic science and historical documents to investigate a true crime from 1886.  Should the suspects be convicted?!

Core Assessment in: Science or History

SCIENCE (PHY CHEM) PHASE CHANGETeacher: Ms. MacMelburnStudents: 9th graders who need to review and redo work from fall PhyChem

Description:  Here’s a chance to better understand phase changes and heat transfer. In this you’ll do a bit of review of these topics from first semester, and then you’ll show you understand them by making an instructional video to teach others about them. This course will help you earn back credit you lost in either the first test or the refrigerator project.

Core Assessment in: PhyChem

SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND THE ART OF LONGBOARD CONSTRUCTION Teacher: Mr. O’Shea and Mr. KazienkoStudents:  All highly responsible students (power tools and chemicals involved)

Description: Learn to build a small business and a longboard (skateboard) deck from scratch!  This is a cross disciplinary course examining the conception of a longboard business.  Topics to include Chemistry, Engineering and Microeconomics.  Skateboarding and entrepreneurship enthusiasm a plus.

Core Assessment in:  Engineering, Chemistry

SCIENCE AND LITERATURE LIFE AND DEATH OF A WEASELTeacher: Ms. Friday and Mr. HerndonStudents:  all, including 9th and 10th graders who need to improve or redo their fall creative writing assignment

Description: How do literature and science come together in the life of a weasel?  Using poetry, creative writing, and hands-on science, students will explore biomes, creatures, and life in general.

Core Assessment in: Literature and Biology

LITERATURE CARIBBEAN LITTeacher: Ms. HickinsonStudents: all, including 11th and 12th graders who need to improve a discussion grade from a fall literature course.

Description:  Caribbean writers are influenced by many histories: West African traditions, slavery, and European colonization. In this course, students will read and discuss short fiction and poetry from Caribbean writers and will think about issues of identity.

Core Assessment in:  Literature (discussion)

LITERATURE (AND HISTORY) STORYTELLING AND EMPATHYTeacher: Mr. Fussiner and Mr. WardStudents: all, including those who need to improve or redo a creative writing assignment from a fall Literature course

Description:  Narrative 4 is an organization that focuses on promoting empathy through storytelling and was inspired by the events in Newtown, CT, in 2012.  In this course, students will learn how to tell their most meaningful stories and the stories of others.

Core Assessment in: Literature

LITERATURE THE I HATE READING BOOK CLUBTeacher:  Ms. Nigro and Ms. EllwangerStudents:  Students who struggle with, or tend to resist, reading.

Description:  How can you find books that you will enjoy reading?  What can you do when you struggle with a text?  What strategies can you use to make your writing more interesting?  In this course, students will learn strategies to make reading easier, more enjoyable, and more productive.

Core Assessment in:  Literature

SPANISH UNA VIDA SALUDABLETeacher:  Mr. RiveraStudents:  All, including those who need to make up work or re-learn Spanish grammar in Spanish 3 or 4.

Description: In this course, students will work on creating a recipe and a video that teaches someone how to prepare a healthy meal — all in Spanish!  Review Spanish commands and the subjunctive tense.

Core Assessment in:  Spanish 3 or 4.

GENERAL SKILLS FOOD, FINANCES, AND FUN IN NEW HAVENTeacher: Ms. Aiello and Ms. LombardiStudents:  All, including those who need or want to practice skills for day-to-day life

Description:  In this class, students will practice real world skills in three areas: food (meal planning, nutrition, and basic cooking skills); money (bank account information, and topics like tax and tips); and our city’s resources (managing public transportation and accessing community places like museums).  Field trips will include meeting with a nutritionist at a grocery store and visiting a local museum.  This is a full-day class (students who take it will take only this class).

GENERAL SKILLS EXAMINING BAD BEHAVIORSTeacher:  Ms. Nigro and Ms. OrtizStudents:  All interested in the examination of human behavior which disrupts the environment. .

Description:  In this course students will increase self and social awareness and self-management, social and decision making skills as they navigate topics such as laws, empathy and the art of communication.

PHYS ED (PE) PERSONAL FITNESSTeacher:  Ms. McGovernStudents: All, including 11th and 12th grade students who need to make up or complete a PE credit requirement.

Description:  In this course, students can learn ways to transform their “Body, Mind & Image” — including some fitness training, yoga, mindfulness activities, and information about health and wellness.  The course will be held in the gym.

Core Assessment in: PE

ARTS DRAMATeacher: Ms. JacksonStudents: All, including seniors who need to complete arts credit


ARTS PHOTOGRAPHYTeacher:  Ms. SawyerStudents: All, including seniors who need to complete arts credit

Description: Learn the basics of digital photography!

Core Assessment in: Art