After School Programs

<>Structured After School Homework Help:  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 2:45 pm,  Applications required.  Available in the main office and on

<>Voluntary Help/ Teacher Office Hours:  All teachers stay once a week; students eligible to sight up and stay; schedule to be released.

<> Math team: Thursdays, from 2:45-4.  1st Meeting 9/19 in room B05A

<>The Future Project:  Days /Times vary based on student program / schedule

<>Hip Hop Dance Class (for Arts Credit!): Days / Times to be announced

<>Music Class (for Arts Credit!):  Days / Times to be announced

<>Debate Team: Days / Times to be announced

<>Youth Rights Media Video Production Club:  Day(s) / Time(s) to be announced.

NOTE:  Ride cards available as of 9/17 for students who participate in after-school.