Invitation to Exhibitions

NHA Parents – look below to find out when your child is presenting! Please plan to come in and participate in his/her exhibition!

Each spring, NHA students in all grades participate in end-of-year exhibitions to showcase, defend, and reflect on their work.

We invite members of the NHPS and wider community to participate. Please consider joining us for one or more of the exhibitions highlighted below (consult brief summaries of each exhibition to determine which you’re most interested in participating in). NOTE: Visitors are expected and encouraged to participate in the questioning, assessment and evaluation of student exhibitions!

9th grade Roundtable Portfolio Exhibitions: Monday, June 17th, 9:30 to 11 AM
[9th graders have collected a portfolio of 5 projects to demonstrate their best work and critical thinking. They present those projects with a reflective letter analyzing their year and evidence that they’ve understood our motto: Think Critically, Be Responsible, Get Involved. Format: 4 9th graders take turns making 20-minute presentations.]

10th Grade Gateway Portfolio Exhibitions:
Monday, June 10th, 8:30-11:30;
Tuesday, June 11th 8:30-11:30;
Wednesday, June 19th, 8:30-2:30
[Each 10th grader has put together a portfolio of major projects – each receiving a B- or higher – along with a personal statement explaining how they have lived up to NHA’s Motto: Think Critically, Be Responsible, Get Involved. Format: 1 10th grader and his/her advisor facilitate a 45-minute presentation that includes the development of a Student Success Plan for 2013-14.]

11th Grade College/Career Capstone Exhibitions: Monday, June 17th, 9:30-11 AM
[Each 11th grader has completed an intensive, 3-week internship, participated in a series of college-going experiences, including a Mock College Interview, and completed a project answering the essential questions, “Who am I? Where am I going? How will I get there?” Format: Each 11th grader completes and presents a tri-fold display answering the essential questions and reflecting on his/her college and career experiences.]

12th Grade Social Action Project (SAP) Exhibitions: SAP exhibition schedule to follow – individual exhibition dates vary
[Each senior must design, execute, and present an independent project that addresses a social issue or community problem of his or her choice. The exhibition showcases the issue, the student’s solution, process, and results. Format: Each senior facilitates a 45-60 minute presentation in which they describe their project, demonstrate expertise on the issue they addressed, and field questions.]

Please RSVP via email to with the date(s) and time(s) you’d like to attend and participate.


Greg Baldwin, Principal
New Haven Academy